St. Cloud Regional Airport's TSA screening for flights is located off to the right after entering the Main Entrance, just past the restrooms.

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Will I make it through security? What can I bring? What is the liquids rule?

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Interested in TSA Precheck?

St. Cloud Regional Airport is not a processing center for TSA Precheck. 

Per, the current St. Cloud PreCheck enrollment center is:

Idemia St Cloud, MN-1st St SE (Idemia)

570 1st St SE
St. Cloud, MN 56304
United States

TSA Air Travel Safety Guide

Again, St. Cloud Regional Airport does have a TSA PreCheck lane, however, enrollment and screening for TSA PreCheck is not done at St. Cloud Regional Airport.

Typically an appointment at a local enrollment center is made available after an online PreCheck registration is made, Applicants need to provide proof of citizenship and payment method by credit/debit card ($85/four years plus misc. fees). Fingerprints and picture are taken during a brief interview. Payment is made that day and is not taken during the initial online registration. Walk-ins are accepted.

Full names need to match with the full names on the airline reservation. Once you receive an email with your Known Identification Number (KIN), you can add that to your ticket by adjusting your reservation prior to traveling or by calling the airline.

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ID Requirements

Have your documentation ready

Travelers over 18 must produce a valid photo ID like a driver’s license (as of May 3, 2023, it must be REAL ID-compliant) U.S. passport, passport card, permanent resident card or Trusted Traveler Program card before entering the security checkpoint.

Due to the pandemic, driver’s licenses that expired after March 1, 2020, are considered acceptable forms of photo ID for up to one year beyond expiration in case you were unable to renew it because of DMV closures. Depending on the airport, you may also need to scan your boarding pass via print-out or QR code, then show it to the TSA officer, so keep that handy.

When is the deadline? What are the requirements? What do I need for my child?
Flying with a REAL ID

What is REAL ID?

Additional Tips:

  • Dress smartly and be familiar with rules set by TSA regarding your packed items.
  • Arrive Early - Please allow plenty of time to get through security, especially during peak times. Ticket counters close 45 minutes prior to departure. Congested parking and wait times can be longer during MN's busy travel season. We recommend that you arrive 1-1/2 to 2 hours before your flight to comfortably check-in, check your baggage, and pass through the Security Check Point.
  • Have your photo identification and boarding pass available. We do not have computer kiosks available at the airport to check in nor print boarding passes. These will need to be printed beforehand or available on your mobile device.
  • In the United States, you may bring one carry-on bag and one personal item in the passenger area of the plane. Discount airlines may have stricter rules.