Badging Information

Acquiring a Badge

An airport access badge is required to enter the fenced area of the St. Cloud Regional Airport. To acquire an airport access badge, please fill out the necessary STC Airport Badge Application in blue or black ink and bring it to the airport terminal's administrative office for further direction and video training.

Meeting with STC

Badge applicants are required to meet with STC administrative personnel prior to getting their application processed. It is likely that your employer or an officer of your aviation group will need to sign for you. When your badge application is mostly complete, email the STC admin office to set an appointment. It is highly recommended that you contact us to ensure accuracy of completing the badge application and that someone from the admin office is available to assist you when you visit. 

Please allow up to one week for an AOA badge, however, a SIDA badge can take up to one month or longer due to the fingerprinting and approval process.

Directions for Completing the Badge Application (PDF)

Further Questions

If you have further questions regarding various badge options and related training requirements, please contact the Airport Badging office at 320-650-3252.

For Badge Signatories Only - Signatory Authority Training (PDF)