1. Taxilane Construction Rehab
  2. Hangar Area EA Draft

NOTE:  There will be no vehicle parking allowed in the GA T-Hangar area during construction.  Thank you for your patience during this project.



Airport Tenants:

Lots of progress has been made. The construction crew is paving the first lift, moving from east to west. The first ‘lift’ is 2" of pavement, followed by the final lift or ‘wear course’ of an additional 2". This means that after the first lift, there is still a 2" drop-off of the ramp, as well as a 2" lip going into the hangars. We still cannot allow aircraft to taxi in the construction area, so please continue to contact St. Cloud Aviation, 320.253.1500, to have them tug your airplane to the general aviation ramp and back.

They are finalizing the grading on the west end near Hangars 10 and 11 and this should be “blue topped” by the end of the day (which means ready for paving). It’s possible the first lift of asphalt will be completed in that area by the end of the week. That area has compacted sub-base and aircraft can be tugged across it to the general aviation ramp if needed.

If everything goes as planned, it is possible that the paving piece will be completed by Friday, October 27, 2017. No guarantee, but we are shooting for that. There will, of course, still be lots of finish work to complete related to finish grades on grass areas, but everyone should have access to their aircraft and be able to taxi once the paving is complete.

Again, I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience on this project. I appreciate the aircraft owners that have given as much advanced notice as possible when needing to use your aircraft. It really helps coordinate getting your aircraft in and out when you need it. After giving the Notice to Proceed to the contractor, the project is on time and on budget. I anticipate that you will be extremely satisfied with your new pavement in the T-Hangar area when it’s completed.

IMG_4824Questions? Please contact Bill Towle at 320.255.7292, Ext. 3, or William.Towle@ci.stcloud.mn.us.

13Oct2017 - Hello Tenants, Although lots of work was completed during the week of October 9th, the contractor unexpectedly ran into some poor subsoil that was deeper than anticipated and needed to be removed. That added an extra day or two for the area to be brought up to finish grade, so no paving occurred during this week. Week of October 16:  Paving should begin near the Aero Club Hangar (Hangar 3) and Hangar 2. The contractor expects to complete the first lift (2") in the first couple days in this area. They will also be paving inside of each hangar stall, which will take some extra time to do those individually. During the week, they will also complete the grading of the areas near Hangars 10 and 11. They will either put the second lift (final 2") of pavement around Hangars 2 and 3, or they will begin paving the first lift around Hangars 7-11, depending upon how things go earlier in the week. We are now entering the home stretch and looking forward to seeing some pavement. :)  As always, feel free to contact me directly at William.Towle@ci.stcloud.mn.us if you have questions or concerns related to this project.

04Oct2017 - First off, I want to thank everyone for your understanding up to this point.  As you know, there will be some inconveniences throughout this project, but the end product will be a nice, smooth pavement that everyone can enjoy.  We are coming to the end of milling old asphalt and getting the sub-base ready for new pavement.  For safety reasons, no one is allowed to drive a vehicle into the construction area, nor is anyone allowed to start their airplane in the construction area.  If you need to access your hangar, call St. Cloud Airport Administration at 320.255.7292, Ext. 3, or St. Cloud Aviation at 320.253.1500, and someone will escort you to the hangar and back.  If you’re going flying, contact either one of us in advance and we will tug your airplane to the General Aviation ramp where you will be able to power it up.  As for schedules, the contractor will be placing storm water pipe around the SCSU Aero Club Hangar and Hangar 2 at the end of this week, so aircraft in those hangars will likely be inaccessible until Monday, October 9th, 2017.  Paving the first lift of asphalt could begin as soon as Tuesday, October 10th, 2017.  Again, I urge you to contact us as far in advance as possible if you require use of your airplane.  Thanks for your patience as we make these critical improvements to your airport.  Feel free to contact me directly at William.Towle@ci.stcloud.mn.us if you have concerns related to this project.

22Sept2017 - Final grant approval will occur on Monday, September 25, 2017, with work beginning the following morning. The week of September 25, 2017, will entail final surveys, silt fence installation, saw cutting inside the hangars, and asphalt milling/reclaiming. The saw cutting depth into the hangar will vary between approximately 18”–24” from the door opening, depending upon where the main crack is located. If your aircraft is in the way, it will be moved out of the hangar to allow for saw cutting and then pushed back in. If you don’t want St. Cloud Aviation to move your aircraft, it will need to be moved or removed from your hangar prior to Tuesday, September 26, 2017, and relocated to the General Aviation (GA) Ramp.  As I’ve stated before, if you intend to use your aircraft during the construction project, I highly encourage you to contact St. Cloud Aviation well in advance so arrangements can be made to get the aircraft out to the GA Ramp. There are no guarantees that your aircraft can be moved at the time you intend to use it. There may be construction equipment in front of your hangar for extended periods of time. Please plan ahead and we will work with you to best of our abilities.  Bill Towle, C.M., St. Cloud Regional Airport Director, 320.255.7292, William.Towle@ci.stcloud.mn.us

Pre-Construction Letter dated 9/11/17 from Airport Director

Initial Letter dated 7/28/17 from Airport Director (2.2 MB)

  • Contractor:  Hardrives Inc.
  • Diagram (2.2 MB)

Schedule:  Waiting on grant - estimated date to begin construction is September 18, 2017.

Please continue to monitor STC's website for updates!